Yoga Class Schedule at Yoga Republic

All the replacements and changes due to holidays you can check in our Calendar.

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Last entrance for Mysore: class from Tuesday to Friday morning until 9.00, from Monday to Friday afternoon until 18.00, on Sunday until 9.45.

The first 30 minutes of Mysore class is for starting your practice without the teacher.

* The subjects of workshop classes are announced on our Facebook page and on the black board in the school.

The best way to start your yoga journey:

Ashtanga Yoga Course for Beginners in English at Yoga Republic

Saturdays and Sundays 11:15 - 12:30 am
Starting date: 11th January 2020

Yoga Classes in English in Warsaw at Yoga Republic

The classes at Yoga Republic are conducted in Polish, but our teachers speak English.  Just let the techer know before class, if you do not speak Polish and he will take care of you and don't worry it's really easy to follow the group at the led classes and in Mysore style calsses, you get individall tips from the teacher anyway. If you did not understand something during the class, do not hesitate to ask the teacher after, he'll be happy to clear any of your daubts.


In these classes you will learn basics of yoga: learn how to breathe properly and coordinate movement with the breath, you will learn the sequence of sun salutations and basic standing and seated positions. You'll see how easy it is to relax the body and mind. Balanced development requires a good knowledge and understanding of the basics, such as breathing, drishti, asana, etc


This gentle vinyasa style practice is focused on de-stress and rejuvenate. When we are exhausted and need to slow down, then the Regeneration class will be best for us. Regeneration classes are also recommended for women during pregnancy and during menstruation and for those who are returning to the practice of yoga after a long break.

Lunch Time Yoga

This is a relaxing practice that will help you to regain concentration and energy for the rest of the day.

Happy Spline

Happy spine is a healthy spine, and yoga is a very good way to take make your spine stays strong. Yoga is an effective way to get rid of the pain and stiffness of the spine.


Prenatal Yoga

These are the special classes for pregnant women. If you understand some polish you can read more detailed information here JOGA W CIĄŻY, if not and you have any questions just write to us at this emial address:


Ashtanga I, II and III

In these clasess you will learn, and establish the proper practice of Ashtanga yoga first series, called 'Yoga Chikitsa' (yoga therapy), according to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois'a, as tought in the KPJAYI in Mysore, the cradle of Ashtanga Yoga. This precice sequence leads you step by step to discover the full potential at all levels - physical, energetic, psychological, intellectual and spiritual. On Moondays the Ashtanga III classes do not take place.


Mysore is an indyvidual yoga practice programme tought as in the famous KPJAII in Mysore India. It is suitable for all levels, including absolute beginners. On Moondays the Mysore classes do not take place.

Individual Physiotherapy Class

Individual Physiotherapy Classes in Yoga Republic are lead by Wojtek Stachura, a trained physiotherapist. More information at the reception of Yoga Republic or by email:


Moondays 2018


Sunday, January 6 : NEW MOON

Monday, January 21 : FULL MOON

Monday, February 4 : NEW MOON

Tuesday, February 19 : FULL MOON

Wednesday, March 6 : NEW MOON

Thursday, March 21 : FULL MOON

Friday, April 5 : NEW MOON

Friday, April 19 : FULL MOON

Saturday, May 4 : NEW MOON

Saturday, May 18 : FULL MOON

Monday, June 3 : NEW MOON

Monday, June 17 : FULL MOON

Tuesday, July 2 : NEW MOON

Tuesday, July 16 : FULL MOON

Thursday, August 1 : NEW MOON

Thursday, August 15 : FULL MOON

Friday, August 30 : NEW MOON

Saturday, September 14 : FULL MOON

Saturday, September 28 : NEW MOON

Sunday, October 13 : FULL MOON

Monday, October 28 : NEW MOON

Tuesday, November 12 : FULL MOON

Tuesday, November 26 : NEW MOON

Thursday, December 12 : FULL MOON

Thursday, December 26: NEW MOON