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Yoga for Beginners in Warsaw. Make a good start – build solid foundations for your yoga practice in one of the best yoga schools in the world!


Under the guidance of some of the most experienced teachers in the world, authorized by the famous KPJAYI in India, you have a chance to build a solid base for your yoga practice. This will benefit you throughout  your present and future  yoga practice. Read our tips below to learn how to start practicing yoga. And if you have any more questions just ask us at


Are there yoga classes in English at Yoga Republic?


Regular classes at Yoga Republic are conducted in Polish, but our teachers speak English and they will give you extra instructions in English if needed. Just let the teacher know before the class, if you do not speak Polish and don't worry it's really easy to follow the group at the led classes and in Mysore style classes, you get individual tips from the teacher anyway. If you did not understand something during the class, do not hesitate to ask the teacher after, he'll be happy to clear any of your daubts.

We organize also introductory yoga courses in English. The next one starts on the 5th of September 2020. Check the details.

Which class is suitable for me?

Go to our CLASS SCHEDULE and below it you will find recommendations which class to choose. But here is one general tip: be flexible, choose different classes depending on your current needs. After a while try out more advanced and challenging classes but let yourself go back to level 0 if your body or mind needs to slow down.

YR karta klubowa awers.jpg

How to choose a pass for a yoga class?


See our PRICE LIST and select the pass, depending on how often you intend to practice, and which classes you are interested in.


Yo can buy a pass online or at school before the class. You can also purchase a single entry, and select a pass before the next class.

Where do we practice yoga?


Classes take place at two beautiful locations in the Warsaw city center: the Zbawiciela square and Śniadeckich street - one just 5 minutes away from the other.

yoga republic


pl. Zbawiciela 2
00-573 Warszawa

yoga republic


ul. Śniadeckich 18 lok. 1
00-656 Warszawa

Przemek Nadolny.jpg

Who are our yoga teachers?


Yoga Republic team consists of highly qualified world class teachers. They are people who teach and practice yoga with passion and love.

Our teachers are: Przemek Nadolny (2nd level authorization by KPJAYI), Agnieszka Passendorfer, Darek Markiewicz (1st level authorization by KPJAYI), Gabrysia Mikołajczak, Ola Perec, Marta Szostak, Magda Urbanowicz, Iza Suchodoła, Małgo Stankiewicz i Wojtek Stachura.


Remember! if you have any questions regarding your practice, ask the teacher before or after the class, he or she will be happy to clear any of your daubts.

ashtanga joga Warszawa, asztanga joga Warszawa

What is the methodology of yoga at Yoga Republic?


You may have heard that celebrities - Madonna, Sting, Willem Dafoe, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Marti or Christy Turlington practice yoga regularly. But did you know that they practice in the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System - and this you will find at  Yoga Republic?


Yoga Republic is teaching yoga in the spirit of the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga tought by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. The method is based on the combination of asanas (yoga postures) in a precisely arranged sequences that are performed in harmony with the energizing and purifying Ujjayi breath.


How to prepare for a yoga class?


Bring an open mind and comfortable clothes to the practice. You do not need shoes - we practice barefoot.


Do not eat a heavy meal at least two hours before the class.

Because of safety restrictions concerning COVID-19 the school yoga mats are not available for use. You should be equipped with your own yoga mat. If you don't have one you can buy one at our shop at plac Zbawiciela 2.


Let the teacher know before the class, when it's you first yoga class, when you are pregnant, as well as about any injuries and health problems that may have an impact on the yoga practice.


Menstruation: During the first 2-3 days, do not perform the full sequence of asanas - we recommend you the gentle classes like Vinyasa Slow Flow or Lunch Time Yoga.

warsztaty jogi, wyjazdy z jogą, wakacje z jogą

Can I start practicing yoga during a retreat?


That's a great idea! The retrets are open for people at all levels. Detachment from everyday issues will help you to focuse and concentrate. We organize yoga retreats in the most beautiful parts of Poland - peace, tranquility, and delicious vegetarian cuisine - are the ingredients for a perfect holiday. It's the best way to regenerate, calm down and gain some positive energy.


Where can I buy a yoga mat?


We select for you the best quality products: the legendary Manduka yoga mats and cool, breathable, fast-drying ONZIE yoga clothes and more! Check out our online store and the biggest stationary store for yogis in Warsaw at plac Zbawiciela 2.

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