See our price list and select the pass, depending on how often you intend to practice, and which classes you are interested in.

Class Packages

5 classes

  • entrance to all classes

  • valid for 28 days

149 zł

Open Limited

  • entrance to led classes from Monday to Friday at 9.30, 11.00, 13.00, 16.30

  • valid for 28 days

149 zł

Open Basic

  • entrance to all classes excluding Mysore and Ashtanga III

  • valid for 28 days

199 zł



  • entrance to all classes

  • valid for 28 days

249 zł

Ad Hoc

12 classes

  • entrance to all classes

  • valid for 3 month

299 zł

* Students up to 26 years are entitled to a discount  of 15% from the regular prices.



  • entrance to all classes

  • requires signing a contact with a 3-month minimum commitment

  • after 3 months memberships can be cancelled with a 7-day written notification

199 zł / month for the first 3 months
179 zł / month from the 4th month

Single entrance


General rules of sale and ticket validity:


You can join at any time. Your ticket will be valid from the date of issue. If you don't use the pass during the period of validity, the pass will not be extended.

Class packages and membership are sold per customer and cannot be shared.

Discounts and promotions can not be combined. Discounts and promotions do not include the membership fees.


When purchasing a pass at Yoga Republic, you commit to respect the Rules of the School. Here you can read the Rules of the Yoga Republic School.


We accept cash, debit card and credit card payments at our studio.


You can also purchase a pass via Internet, after logging into tour Customer Zone. Here you can read the the Rules of Sale via Internet.

Organisational issues:

The school is open 30 minutes before the first class and closes 30 minutes after the last class.


If you do not have a yoga mat, you can borrow one at school for free. You can also buy a mat at our shop. Yoga Republic is a distributor of Manduka yoga mats, the world's most respected yoga mats, the only ones that have a manufacturer's lifetime warranty: More about our range of products in our shop.

Let the teacher know before the class, when it's you first yoga class, when you are pregnant, as well as about any injuries and health problems that may have an impact on the yoga practice.


Menstruation: During the first 2-3 days, do not perform the full sequence of asanas, you can perform gentle practice, such as in the Regeneration/Beginners class.


Pregnancy: during pregnancy we invite you to Regeneration classes - the gentle practice, and Mysore - individual practice.

You don't need to sign in for the classes, however when the class is full the students that signed in have the priority to enter the class. It is recommended to arrive at school approximately 10-15 min. before the led classes. The exception are the Mysore classes, where you can enter at any time, just saving enough time to finish the practice before the end of the class.


Moondays: the day of the new moon and the full moon in the tradition of yoga are considered the most appropriate for rest and relaxation. Therefore, in these days the Mysore classes do not take place (the other classes are held unchanged), the current dates of moondays are published on our Facebook page, which is also available for those who do not have a profile on FB: YogaRepublicPL